Saturday, December 3, 2011

ice, ice baby.....(throwback)

It wasn't until I was browsing back through my pics and saw Benjamin with his hat on sideways, holding a piece of ice, that I decided on the title of this blog post...heheheee! =)

The events of this afternoon began with the boys saying, "Mommy!!! The water is HARD!! Why????"  Thus a perfectly unplanned homeschool moment surfaced. I'm all for hands-on learning, so I had to run with it, right?

We shattered ice across the driveway like broken glass, just to watch it melt in the sunshine.

Then we collected a bunch of pieces of ice in a cup to make our hypothesis "How much water will be in the cup when all of the ice melts??? I put a line and initial where each child thought the melted water would be.....then we put the ice in the sun to melt.  See below to find out who made the
best guess! =)

Who would have thought ice could be so much fun!!!  They played till their little fingers were completely numb.

We also crunched ice with a big stick found in the wood pile...

Miss Priss, on the other hand, was not into the ice....she was having more fun goofing off on the swing with mommy!    

Then along came popaw with a present.....some trucks to play with. Perfect for loading ice. =)

So who guessed correctly on the water/ice??  No one, but Isaiah's mark was the closest!

And what was my little Levi  doing through all of this, you ask?? Napping through much of it, but after he woke up, he was all smiles as usual! =)


Anonymous said...

you're a natural at homeschool!

Kelly said...

aawww, thanks...whoever you are mr/mrs anonymous. LOL :P