Friday, November 11, 2011

how about some more cheese?

First priceless moment of the day......I saw the spray cheese lid sitting on the counter. Me: "Boys, where's the spray cheese?" 
Isaiah: "Oh, we ate it all so I threw the can away." 
Me:  "There was still a LOT of cheese in that can and you ate ALL of it??"
Meanwhile, Gracie is losing her hand down a bag of shredded cheese in the living room....seriously, what's the deal with my kids and cheese. I proceeded to get the can out of the trash can to make sure it was empty, because surely they couldn't have ate that much cheese, right??  As I picked up the empty can, I said,
"Well....if you don't poop for a week, we'll know why." 
With their eyes huge and glassed over in disbelief, they asked why.
"Because eating a lot of cheese makes you constipated. And constipated means your poop gets really hard and you can't get it out." 
Benjamin just stared back in disbelief and didn't utter a word.
Isaiah replied: "That's okay mommy, I'll be okay...I can just push it out." 
(coming from the child who poops money
bahahaaa.  =)

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martha c said...

That is just too funny..I can just see their faces...