Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My WEEK in #'s

0- is how many times I dusted/swept. Remember, we were sick!!
1- is the number of times I packed Joe's lunch for work...sorry babe, I felt like total poo. We're back on track now. hehe
2- Kleenex boxes were emptied during "the sickness" which continues to plague the house...
3- oranges got peeled during snacktime (per sitting) because we're sick. Gotta get those extra vitamins. =)
4- giggly, snotty, crusty smiles greeted me each morning.
5- bottles of breastmilk awaited me in the refrigerator to bag and freeze.
6- sick people in the house needed some TLC.
7- is the number of towers Isaiah built for me with blocks to make a city.
8- sparkle balls in Benjamin's "good behavior jar" means the jar is almost filled to the top....hhmmmm, still haven't decided what the prize will be. Now that I think about it, we havent been using the jar as often this week due to the sickness. The kiddos have probably forgot all about the sparkle balls. lol
9- is the number of big laughs I got out of Levi this glad he's finally doing the full-blown chuckle! TOO CUTE!!!
10- days left until Turkey day. yippeeee
11- is the number of hours of sleep I'd like to get in a row for my birthday this year.
12- bandaids are currently covering all of the "pretend boo-boo's" in this house.
13- blankets were on the boys' top bunk. Blankets are quite possibly their favorite and most versatile possession...forts, boats, hide n' seek, pool, beach, reading area, jumping station, sleeping, etc.
14- is the number of coins Gracie is currently packing in her front shirt pocket...weighing her shirt collar halfway down her chest. hehe
15- "presents" were given to me as I finished making this list: a rubberband bracelet, hat, princess shoes, sunglasses, sock puppet, coin, bandaid, Toy Story cards in a Case Knife box (guess who that was from, LOL), a wheel, HiC, work zone goggles, yarn, Hippo book, My little Pony, and a candy corn pencil.

I love, love, love my family. =)

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martha c said...

What sweet memories.. Make sure you keep these nice little blogs.. Print them out and put them in a book somewhere..