Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm bbaaaaaacckk!!!

YAY!!  I've missed blogging!  It's been so long ago that "back in my day" you had to have an html code to change font size/color, add pictures, insert links, etc.  Phew, I'm only 30, right???  However, I do feel slightly better knowing that some of you are sitting there thinking to yourself "What's an html code?"  bahaa.  Since being out of college, I've felt myself lagging more and more behind the wonderful world of technology. Example one: my phone has a regular key-pad (please press #2 three times for the letter "C") AND it does not have internet.  Sheesh.....compared to what people are using these days, it might as well be the big 12-inch phone with an antenna that Zach Morris was oh-so-cool with back in the day. teehee.  I just had to have someone explain the difference to me this past weekend between an ipad and a laptop. 

Anyhooo....welcome to my blog!!!!!!!  My plans are to share whatever *random* thought/obsession/adventure crosses my path in this blessed life. =)  It may be related to my daily walk with GOD, motherhood, silly toddler happenings, my role as a submissive wife/helpmeet to my handsome, loving, carpenter of a husband, homeschooling, etc....the possibilities are ENDLESS.  So stay tuned!!!  =) Off I go to obsess over what deserves the honor of being my first blog topic...........insert suggestions below. haha


Amber said...

First follower!! Yay! ;)
I'm not sure if it's my PC or what but the Blog Archive on the right hand side is way to narrow and is only allowing one letter per line.
Btw, totally excited you are blogging again! I've been thinking about it but there's not a lot about my day to day activities that I can discuss, ahaha.

Kelly said...

haha!! Yah, your work life is "top secret", literally! lol. =)

martha said...

I am waiting on your first blog.. Can't wait to find out what it will be about.